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OFFICIAL REGULATION for the organization of the competition “Cozia Mountain Run“ 7 July 2018, Cozia Mountain, Călimăneşti

SECTION 1. ORGANIZERS AND THE OFFICIAL REGULATION OF THE COMPETITION The competition ,,Cozia Mountain Run”  (hereinafter the “Competition”) is organized by the Asociatia PEGAS TRIATLON CLUB, its aim being the promotion of running in open spaces, in any weather conditions, of the Cozia National Park, of the religious monuments and sites in the region, as well as of the local customs. Furthermore, the competition also has a charitable component, that is it aims at gathering financial means for buying an electronic wheelchair which willbe donated to a mother with four children.

2.1. Date and place of the Competition: The Competition shall take place on Saturday, 6 July 2019, starting 9 a.m., in the Cozia Mountains. The start and the finish line shall be at barajul Turnu, in the camping of Manastirea Turnu.  The competition shall have 3 distinct runs:

a) Stânişoara route – 21 km

b) Cozia route –  30 km

c) Turnu route – 4 km

3.3. The Competition route The Competition route which shall comprise public roads, dust roads and marked tourist paths shall be highlighted by the organizers through separation tapes/direction arrows and shall be monitored by referees staying at different points of the route. During the Competition the traffic on the public roads shall not be restricted, hence cars can be encountered on a small part of the route. This makes the participants aware of the obligation to obey the applicable legal provisions related to traffic. On the route at certain points that shall be announced by the participants before the beginning of the competition and shall be marked on the map of the competition, there shall be food points offering still water, isotonic drinks, apples, oranges, bananas, glucose.

3.4. Registration The registration of the participants shall be done online on the website until 30.06.2018.

Please note that no registration shall be possible on the day of the competition !

The minimum age for the registration of the participants shall be 18 (on 06.07.2019 at the latest). The competition shall be open to all amateur athletes.

3.5. Participation fee  The payment of the registration fee shall be done via bank transfer or by the ways described on the website of the competition, at the moment of the online registration or immediately after. Please note! Non-payment of the participation fee within a maximum of 3 (three) work days starting with the date of filling in the online form shall lead to the invalidation of the registration, whereas on the official site of the competition the participation place of that specific candidate shall become open again. Furthermore, the organizers would like to inform the participants and interested parties that the paid in participation fee shall not be reimbursed in case that a specific person paid the fee decides to withdraw from the competition or, out of different reasons, cannot participate; the paid in amount shall be a donation to the charity promoted by the Organizers. Mandatory equipment for the participants: one rain jacket and one bottle of water 0.5l. The organizers shall spot check the mandatory equipment and the participants that do not have it shall be excluded. The mandatory equipment shall also be checked by the referees during the competition. The equipment recommended by the organizers also contains, but shall not be limited to: running shoes, energy bars or jellies, mobile phone, trekking sticks, but these shall not be mandatory. The participants undertake to have a responsible and civil behavior related to other participants, the environment and their own person and shall avoid undergoing or creating dangerous situations. The competition numbers shall be made available by the organizers and shall be given to the participants after confirmation of the payment, on Friday, 5. July 2019, between 17:00 – 22:00 and Saturday, 6. July 2019, between 07:00 – 08:00.

Stânişoara Route (21 km)

  • Women aged 18 – 29
  • Women aged 30 – 39
  • Women aged 40 – 49
  • Women aged +50
  • Men aged 18 – 29
  • Men aged 30 – 39
  • Men aged 40 – 49
  • Men aged +50

Cozia Route (30 km)

  • Women aged 18 – 29
  • Women aged 30 – 39
  • Women aged 40 – 49
  • Women aged +50
  • Men aged 18 – 29
  • Men aged 30 – 39
  • Men aged 40 – 49
  • Men aged +50


The categories where there shall be less than 5 participants shall be put together with another category considered by the organizers the closest as an alternative. The age on the day of the competition shall be considered.

3.10. Route referees At certain points on the running route there shall be route referees who shall monitor the running. The organizers shall have the right to eliminate or exclude any participant if he or she does not respect the present Regulation or is in one of the following situations:

  • – loses its registration number
  • – misses one check point
  • – deviates from the route as settled by the organizers, does not respect the route using shortcuts
  • – uses any means of transportation during the running
  • – leaves the equipment on the route or throws garbage and waste on the route (used packages can be left at the check and food points)
  • – non-sportive behavior as opposed other participants or lack of respect as opposed to officials, organizers, public, local people, parishioners in the vicinity of the monasteries on the route (considering that the competition shall bring the participants in the vicinity of some monasteries appropriate outfits shall be worn in those areas)
  • – exceeding the time limit
  • – in exceptional cases as the organizers consider.

Any participant who cannot or does not want to continue the running, out of different reasons, shall inform the organizers as soon as possible.

SECTION 4. AWARD CEREMONY 4.1. Titles and prizes The first three athletes that shall reach the finish line in each category of the two running routes shall be awarded a prize. The prizes shall be announced before the beginning of the competition depending on the sponsors that shall get involved in this project. Surprize-prizes shall also be awarded by the organizers. Apart from the prizes, the winners shall also get diplomas and medals. All participants shall receive the participation medal and participation diplomas. The participation diplomas shall be awarded in electronic form and shall be available for download on the website indicated by the organizers starting 10 July 2019. Upon reaching the finish line all participants shall receive the participation medal, still water, isotonic drinks, apples, bananas, oranges, glucose. The official award ceremony shall take place on 6 July 2019 at the site of the competition at 5 p.m.

SECTION 5. ADMINISTRATIVE CONDITIONS 5.1. Administrative conditions (during the running) The organization of the competition shall be carried out by Asociatia PEGAS TRIATLON CLUB. The competition shall be assisted by an ambulance and by a police car at the start line and for the monitoring of the sector on which cars can be met.


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